Adam Flaum, Custom Builder


"Adam Flaum did a custom, historically and environmentally sensitive structural rehab on our 1850s home in Hillsdale. Among the many projects he has done for us are stabilizing the foundation, putting on a new roof, and substantially improving the insulation, resulting in higher energy efficiency. He has also rebuilt the porch and done a lot of smaller projects for us. He and his crews pay meticulous attention to detail and we have always been very pleased with any of the projects he has done for us. In 2010, we asked Adam to renovate our kitchen, and we couldn't be happier with the result."
—Chris & Mary Anne Perske
Adam is the most

"My introduction to Adam Flaum was on a cold winter morning, standing in the hollowed out space that would become my restaurant almost a full year later. My first impression was that he was a confident, respectful of the client kind of standard contractor. I could not have been more wrong and thus did I benefit from being wrong for Adam turned out to be the one in a million contractor that anyone undertaking a large scale building projects prays for. I know him and honor him as a man who connects deeply and personally with the project he has signed up for. What matters most to Adam is that something be done the absolute best it can be done. There is no settling for something that "will do, that is just okay". If it can be done perfectly it will be done perfectly. That would be impressive enough if he also didn’t pay considerable attention to the budget.


Adam insists a project be built well and strives for it to look beautiful but he also understands that a budget is in place and needs to always be placed at the top of the list of his concerns. That said, if I brought an unrealistic dollar amount in to play I knew Adam would respectfully offer me the honest words I needed to hear and help me find a comfortable solution. I found Adam available for all the dumb questions I needed to ask with answers offered in ways I could understand. I trusted Adam to keep me in the loop as the project inevitably needed to take a detour here and there. I never arrived at the site to discover a strange change of plan. I always knew he would make a decision with my best interest in mind. If I said to him, “Adam I need this to work like this…” he’d nod think on it and if he didn’t have an immediate solution he’d say "Okay, I get what you’re after I need some time to figure it out." And he always did figure it out, every single time because he cared about what I wanted. And in the end, that is what is most impressive about Adam: he cares so much about the work he does.


Now that the restaurant is finished, he looks around and has said how happy he is with the end product. Happy not just because it is impeccably put together and looks beautiful and functions perfectly but also happy because he knows I am 100% pleased. My satisfaction means something to him. It’s not just a job he completed for someone else, it’s a job he made a personal investment in and I will benefit from that for years to come. Anyone who works with Adam Flaum on a project of any scale will be able to say that as well."
—David Wurth